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Eat Raw Food for Lunch or Dinner

at Our Vegan Restaurant in Hartford, Connecticut

Enjoy vegetarian and raw food at Fire & Spice Vegan Restaurant in Hartford, Connecticut. We follow a Rastafarian way of life that goes back to our ancient roots in Ethiopia. Our family run restaurant has a relaxed environment with reggae and world music playing in the background. Come by our vegan restaurant today and try our raw food selections for lunch and dinner.

Vegan Lunches
Lunch starts at 11 a.m. and features tofu and tempeh dishes. Tempeh is a food from the Middle East made from curd soy beans and brown rice with a fermented taste; tempeh dishes are available for lunch and dinner. One of our favorite dishes is Jamaican Jerk Tofu or BBQ Tofu served with Yellow Pumpkin Rice and Wilted Greens. We also offer Ital stew (without meat) that is a cultural food and part of our Jamaican heritage.

Vegan & Raw Food Dinners
Try our diverse selection of vegan and raw food dinners. Nothing on our raw food menu is heated above 104 degrees. We offer a healthy and unique selection with extraordinary flavor and presentation. Our favorite dinner requests are Cream of Celery Soup, Sea Vegetable Soup, and Instead of Mashed Potatoes. Instead of Mashed Potatoes is a blend of cauliflower, avocado and sweet onion. All of our raw meals are made with organic ingredients.

Vegetables, Raw Food
Contact us at (888) 367-7970 to learn more about our raw food menu.